What's Going On?
Follow our Camp Reminders to get notifications about activities and events like "Cookie Night" or "Room Check" as well as electronic versions of the schedule, important links, phone numbers and other info delivered to your phone or email. To Join:
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Dorm Expectations:

Navigating Campus:
There are maps located in the Cohen-Bissell Lounge, but a great way to navigate campus is to set your smart phone's google maps to "walking directions" and put in the name of the building on campus you need to find. After just a couple days you will be a pro! You can also download various Mobile Maps and PDF Maps HERE.

Food Delivery Options:

Be sure to order before 11pm or you won't have time to eat before Lights Out.

Boloco Burritos
Ramunto's Pizza
C&A Pizza

Tell them to "Deliver to (Cohen or Bissell) in the Choates."

or check Cafeteria Information

Your Mailing Address:
Student Name
C/O: Debate Institutes at Dartmouth
Hinman Box 6145, Robinson Hall 207
Hanover, NH 03755

Dorm Staff:
Leeann and Bill Solice come to DDI with over 40 years combined experience in education. Their philosophy of supervision in the dorms is focused on providing a safe, nurturing environment that supports the exciting and rigorous learning that happens during DDI. Bill and Leeann are Texas native but love to spend their summers in Hanover. Leeann has taught and coached debate for 27 years, has 13 years experience with dorm supervision and served as a Residence Director with the Dartmouth Debate Workshop and Institute for the last few summers. Bill teaches science, will complete his doctorate in Educational Leadership and has experience as an emergency medical technician. Additionally, they bring 20+ years of parenting experience with them to dorm life at DDI. Their daughter, Maggie, is an assistant debate coach at Harvard, and was successful college debater who attended DDI during her high school years.