'53 Commons, Collis & Novak Dining Hours:

Dartmouth Dining Summer Hours of Operation

How to Manage Your Meal Card:

Meal cards contain an appropriate combination of 20 lunch and 20 dinner swipes for Class of '53 Commons (the all you can eat cafeteria) and $280 declining balance for Collis Center or Novack Cafe. The declining balance can be used to purchase additional breakfast, lunch, or dinner swipes or to purchase la carte items from any of several campus food outlets, including snacks during the day or later at night. We find that students appreciate this meal plan flexibility.

How to Add Funds to a Meal Card:

If a student uses up the declining balance, he or she can make cash or credit card purchases or parents can call the food service to add funds with a credit card.
You should speak with the Dartmouth Dining Services. Their number is (603) 646-2271 and email is dining.services@dartmouth.edu

How to Check for Nutritional or Special Dietary Concerns:

If a student has any dietary concerns please use the WEB MENUS to calculate calories, check nutritional information, allergy issues or religious concerns.